Our club was founded 2006 by a group of paintball fanatic friends. We offer you a 40.000 m² big woodland paintballfield near Arcen (NL). On this webpage you will find infos about the association, upcomming GameDays, BigGames and also some picures and videos from our past events! If you want to join one of our gamedays or become a full member of the C.L.A.N. Paintball association, feel free to contact us via the contact form on this website.

We play (at least) once per month. In the summer, sometimes more. Of course we come together to play but a social and fun atmosphere, is also a very important for us. Other Teams and Clubs are very welcome. For prices & rates, please contact us via the contact page. All other "Paintball" activities in and around Arcen, have NOTHING to do with the C.L.A.N. Paintball Association! Memberships are restricted to everyone who is 18 years or older!